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Wybierz filtry


Tunic for every season

Women's tunic is a distinctive longer blouse, after which women reach with passion for many centuries. The interest in this element of women's dress seems to be understandable. The tunic attracts attention because of the convenience it provides, its hallmark is that it fits almost any silhouette. We are aware of the fact that tunics are a great idea to revive stylization - formal and informal. Therefore, we try to make the offer of tevy prepared by us impress our clients. In the store you can find both classic tunics worn for legins, as well as those that resemble short dresses and can be put together with tights. We offer tunics with both short and long sleeves. We are convinced that they can be worn at any time of the year, and the interest of customers is convincing that we are not wrong. Tunics are offered in a variety of colors, perfectly reflecting the feminine character and attitude.